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Lucozade Sport Kit-Out Project reaches 1/4 million entries
Our flagship production of 2014 has reached 1/4 million entries (that's just 5 months form Launch!)
InFX Launch CityJet v4
Today we re-launch CityJet in FlowCMS. Now in a fully responsive skin with ehanced UX features throughout, we are very proud of the results.
InFX Remain Carbon Neutral
70 Tonnes offset for 2013-2014 we are committed to planting trees each year to offset our Carbon footprint completely. We feel this is very important for our business and the environment. We already use the highest specification hardware to minimise hardware requirements and reduce electricity usage!

For more information and to get involved please visit
Lucozade Energy YES Project reaches 1 million entries
Our flagship 2013 production for Lucozade Energy YES Project today reached over 1 million entries. InFX are proud to be a part of the projects success.
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