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Lucozade Sport Kit-Out Project reaches 1/4 million entries
Our flagship production of 2014 has reached 1/4 million entries (that's just 5 months form Launch!)
InFX Launch CityJet v4
Today we re-launch CityJet in FlowCMS. Now in a fully responsive skin with ehanced UX features throughout, we are very proud of the results.
InFX Remain Carbon Neutral
70 Tonnes offset for 2013-2014 we are committed to planting trees each year to offset our Carbon footprint completely. We feel this is very important for our business and the environment. We already use the highest specification hardware to minimise hardware requirements and reduce electricity usage!

For more information and to get involved please visit
InFX pass ISO 9001 Audit for 4th year
1. Audit objectives

Surveillance Audit Objectives:
• to assess the continuing suitability and effectiveness of the organisation’s QMS in meeting its objectives;
• to review QMS maintenance activities including, compliance monitoring, internal auditing, management review, corrective/preventive action management and improvement activities;
• to assess the organisation’s compliance with relevant information security legislation, regulations and standards;
• to review the progress/completion of outstanding actions from previous assessments;
• to review changes to the documented QMS and areas where change is planned or in progress in relation to the Scope of Registration;
• to assess selected elements of the QMS in accordance with the Certification Cycle to confirm continuing compliance;
• to confirm appropriate use of the Certificate and Certification Mark(s).

2. Scope(s) of certification
Digital marketing agency providing ecommerce, CRM, ticketing, search engine optimisation & marketing solutions.

3. Current audit findings and conclusions
The BAB Audit Team conducted a process-based audit, focused on significant aspects/risks/objectives as required by ISO 9001:2008.
The audit methods used were interviews, observation of activities and review of documentation and records. The structure of the audit was in accordance with the audit plan and audit planning process. Our ISO 9001 Registration number is 189176
InFX Launch Lucozade South Africa
We are proud to launch the new Lucozade South Africa website, fully responsive with some cool social features, check it out at
InFX Prepare the Lucozade South Africa website for launch
InFX are working with the global LRS Marketing teams to create a consistent yet highly flexible suite of websites for the LRS Brands, Ribena, Lucozade and Orangina.
Lucozade Energy YES Project reaches 1 million entries
Our flagship 2013 production for Lucozade Energy YES Project today reached over 1 million entries. InFX are proud to be a part of the projects success.
InFX Launch the Lucozade Sport Kit Out Project
Today InFX brought the latest digital arm of the Lucozade Sport Kit Out campaign to life, a national campaign for consumers to collect codes in return for customised sports kit. A complex and difficult build which has provided a superb platform for Lucozade Consumers to 'Gamify' their product experience.
InFX Launch SiriusOS Flow CMS
Today InFX launch the biggest single update in their history, Flow CMS. A system wide preparation for our Gen 2.0 Platform coming early in 2015. SiriusOS Flow CMS provides an auto Responsive framework to our clients together with a range of new tools for managing content on different devices and the introduction of swipe and touch content structures.
InFX Launch the new Lucozade Sport website with eCommerce
Today we launch the new mobile responsive Lucozade Sport website with full eCommerce functionality.
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