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InFX Launch SiriusOS Vanilla CMS
Today InFX launch the biggest single update in their history, Vanilla CMS. A system wide preparation for our Gen 2.0 Platform coming early in 2015. Vanilla CMS provides an auto Responsive framework to our clients together with a range of new tools for managing content on different devices and the introduction of swipe and touch content structures.
InFX Launch the new Lucozade Sport website with eCommerce
Today we launch the new mobile responsive Lucozade Sport website with full eCommerce functionality.
InFX Launch the new Baltic Exchange
The Baltic Exchange is the world's only independent source of maritime market information for the trading and settlement of physical and derivative contracts. Its international community of over 600 members encompasses the majority of world shipping interests and commits to a code of business conduct overseen by the Baltic.
InFX prepare to launch their most advanced system to date
The Baltic Exchange Global Data Collection and Reporting system goes into final testing before launch, watch this space for updates!
Fast start to 2014
InFX Solutions has attracted some of the very best talent in the area and doubled its team over the past twelve months, adding new team members to all areas of the business; this first month of the year we have taken on another six... and we are still looking for more! Over the past six months we have doubled the number of software developers on the team; who can now deal with ever greater challenging opportunities that come our way. Last year we set up our new Design and Creative department who along with our Marketing Services team will continue to deliver focused user experiences with leading edge designs. With this expansion we have now taken all of the office space on the three upper floors vacated by Hastings Media Centre at 17-19 Robertson Street.
A quick refresh
We have a new website coming this year which will blow you away but while you're waiting for that, we've given our current site a refresh and hope you like the update, let us know!
InFX complete a huge digital transition
In 2013 GSK sold Lucozade and Ribena to Suntory. InFX are proud to have won the digital production contracts for these brands in the new company "Lucozade Ribena Suntory".

As part of our ongoing work we have completed a major, global, transition on behalf of these huge organisations to enable the brands to continue online uninterrupted under their new management.
InFX welcome Nao to their team
As part of our commitment to all things digital we have a new member of the team. Our autonomous robot, Nao (pronounced NOW), has joined the team for us to research the world of robotics and human digital interaction on a new level. We've named him Max by the way :)
UPDATE: If you'd like to see him in action he recently appeared on the Graham Norton show:
InFX pass ISO 9001 Audit for 3rd year
1. Audit objectives

Surveillance Audit Objectives:
• to assess the continuing suitability and effectiveness of the organisation’s QMS in meeting its objectives;
• to review QMS maintenance activities including, compliance monitoring, internal auditing, management review, corrective/preventive action management and improvement activities;
• to assess the organisation’s compliance with relevant information security legislation, regulations and standards;
• to review the progress/completion of outstanding actions from previous assessments;
• to review changes to the documented QMS and areas where change is planned or in progress in relation to the Scope of Registration;
• to assess selected elements of the QMS in accordance with the Certification Cycle to confirm continuing compliance;
• to confirm appropriate use of the Certificate and Certification Mark(s).

2. Scope(s) of certification
Digital marketing agency providing ecommerce, CRM, ticketing, search engine optimisation & marketing solutions.

3. Current audit findings and conclusions
The BAB Audit Team conducted a process-based audit, focused on significant aspects/risks/objectives as required by ISO 9001:2008.
The audit methods used were interviews, observation of activities and review of documentation and records. The structure of the audit was in accordance with the audit plan and audit planning process. Our ISO 9001 Registration number is 189176
InFX become Carbon Neutral
200 Tonnes offset. From 2013 we have committed to planting trees each year to offset our Carbon footprint completely. We feel this is very important for our business and the environment. We already use the highest specification hardware to minimise hardware requirements and reduce electricity usage but this move puts us ahead of our calculated 160T per annum with 200 Trees planted in 2013 alone. Every September we will re-calculate our carbon footprint and plant more trees than we have used carbon per tonne!

For more information and to get involved please visit