InFX SiriusOS, the brand Digital Marketing Operating System

InFX Solutions delivers online services, communication and shopping solutions you can count on!
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InFX SiriusOS Platform

| Technologies that work
| Making online life easy
| Optimised to give rapid ROI

This is a true digital marketing operating system covering all aspects of your business from consumer records and consumer care to interactions with your factories and fulfillment.

All website designs include a fantastic and unique design, automated search engine optimisation and a life time warranty for our code.

| Get a single customer view
| Understand your BIG DATA
| Manage interactions with your consumers

  1. Future safe, Properly Secured, PCI & W3C Compliant
  2. State of Art online shopping solutions
  3. Multilingual website support for all European and Asian Languages
  4. Easy to understand packages
  5. Agreed fixed price - no surprises
  6. Get noticed - industry standard SEO already built in
  7. Flexible, powerful content management system
  8. Styled to client's brand image
  9. Your data is secured and backed up