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Our fourth generation eCommerce system is ready...
First launched November 2008 and now producing more than 350,000 visitors a month for our wide range of clients

50% increase in sales in the first 5 days
1600 Page 1s in Google

Source BMX

Now over 100,000 visitors per month
Introducing Source Skateboards to!

Pro Audio Stash

US, CA, AU, UK, DE and FR

< > Unprecedented Search Engine Optimisation performance (uses artificial intelligence)
< > Built in in store EPOS (electronic point of sale) and telephone order processing facilities
< > Stock Management (On and Offline) single point stock management for your group
< > 256bit/2048bit Ultra Secure Web Based Order & Invoice Process Management
< > Offline (InFX Secure Solution) and Online Order Processing (SagePay, Google, PayPal, HSBC)
< > Multi-site and multi-fulfilment point capable
< > Multi-lingual optional
< > Designed to compete with the very best, at a fraction of the price
< > Compatible with Smartphones including the iPhone

This is an 'end to end' application. Handling everything from a 'real' shop to a 'virtual' enterprise trading worldwide. The ONLY software and hardware you'll need are good secure PCs and Sage if you're big enough!

» One system
» Perfect balance
» Minimised cost

Pro Audio Stash now has six InFX eCommerce websites, for the UK, USA, CA, AU, FR & DE.

Source BMX now has Source Skate and SNAP Distribution in their online sales solution.

"Wow, we saw a 50% increase in traffic in first 5 days and the best order numbers we've ever seen! We have always found the team at InFX Solutions very easy to work with. Through working closely, and InFX understanding the needs of our business, we have a website design whose traffic, order enquiries and sales have more than doubled in the past year. We've just launched version four of our website which now offers an unparalleled experience to our customers whilst merging our CRM, invoicing, international sites and stock control in to one place. For the first time, our retail shop sales and international sales will now all filter through the one system. We are already benefiting from the time savings and the customer service advantages this solution has provided"

Richard Moore - Director, Source BMX. November 2009

InFX present GMOSS (Generic Multi-site Online Sales Solution)

With new legislation for online trading, is your current provider sure you and your clients are safe? Is it a question you've even asked? What does happen when your website is compromised and your client's personal details fall into the wrong hands? You can already be heavily fined and have your site shut down, it's going to get much worse...

Please call us now for examples as we would like to show you more than just the website front end, number one places in Google for our clients for example...

Source BMX now receive over 100,000 visitors per month with a bounce rate of just 25%.

After 36 months development InFX Solutions have created the ultimate in online sales solutions. We have incorporated 8 years of acquired knowledge and the past experience of all our ecommerce websites. This unprecedented move forward in internet technology provides military grade security for both your clients and your data storage.

  • Fully automatic Search Engine Optimisation of all webpages
  • A totally unique solution perfectly tailored to your brand
  • Custom designed state-of-the-art software
  • Unique secure data storage mechanism to protect you and your clients
  • Up to 10,000 products with variations (each product can be almost infinately variable)
  • Unbelievably easy to use (Web 2.0) web based management interfaces
  • 3 year proven track record for underlying page construction techniques
  • 256bit security certificates and 2048bit remote server key technology

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