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We've listened, now we're ready to do the extra thinking for you

Look at it this way…

If you're still thinking websites don't work, then you really shouldn't be. eCommerce is yesterday's thinking. We've moved on and so have our clients. What's the new world thinking? New Media? Close, but no cigar. Online Business Management?

Yes, but...

You should be thinking of bringing the two together because a straight forward website is old hat.

We call them Online Sales Solutions – that's the design, technology and your business systems linked – your products and services, our digital architecture and website design.

We combine many decades of design, marketing, systems, computer and internet experience (Google only started in 1998) with the latest ideas and proven technologies – and a lot of those ideas were developed here at InFX Solutions. Does it work? Oh yes. Ask our clients. Here are just a few of them...

If you're just you and no big company around you, we tell people who you are and what you do and if necessary, how you could do it for them - have a look at www.mikeogilvie.com and you'll see how well we do that. Get in touch, they'll tell you.

If you're selling something and want people to come to you so you can sell more, then we produce the balance of design and technology to make it happen. Even when you're successful you have to tell people you're successful. Potential customers put their money on winners - each-way bets are for the other guy. Have a look at an expanding success story that's still expanding with our digital architecture www.slmvauxhall.co.uk

If you want to be very, very different then we'll create you something that people will want to talk about. They'll download, print off, put on the office wall, show their friends, start collecting and so on. We win awards for our digital architecture.

Come and be part of that. Have a look at www.sourcebmx.co.uk and www.proaudiostash.com There isn't a single thing that we cannot do in online or offline business. Everything from running your email and internet system, secure encrypted company data backups, centralised stock & invoicing to business management and what used to be called 'website design' (we really have moved on from that). And, we get it right. Just ask our clients.

We're really proud of our success and frankly, we're excited at the success of our clients because we're very much part of it.

But we're constantly adapting and learning, so please email , or better still, call him on 01424 444832 to talk through these and any special needs or new ideas you may have.

Not just website design, Online Sales Solutions!

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