InFXs' networks, all about our systems

The state-of-the-art system behind your InFX Online Sales Solution

InFX have created a managed hosting platform around their client requirements, avoiding the bulk hosting market. We specialise in providing robust software as a service (SaaS) to our client base, including our own rapid deployment CMS, which include 100% uptime SLAs provided by using state-of-the-art multi-data centre co-located setups owned and managed by InFX, in four separate physical locations.

We do not lease or hire any element of our network. We use high-performance / low power systems to make sure we are as green as possible. Our main 'broadcast' network is securely housed in Manchester with our secondary node in the heart of the docklands in an unltra secure datacentre. InFX have a direct relationship with our co-locator and bandwidth provider who are worldwide operaters with Tier 1 status in the UK. 

InFXs' geographically seperated (four locations including production) network of 24 servers and workstations have a total of 144 processors, 320GB ram and over 40TB of distrubuted RAID storage. For context many super computers have between 64 and 128 processors...

Over many years now, the team have been developing web server technology using a variety of hardware solutions from, SuperMicro and Uniwide. Our latest servers are based on 2-way 12-core (24 each total) hardware nodes hosting dozens of high performance virtual private servers in a geographically distributed cloud array.

We have a huge storage capacity (RAID 6) used for both hosting and secure backup space for our clients. All our equipment is in N+1 fail-over with dual gigabit uplinks to the internet meaning we can provide continuous connection for our websites and business systems. Our tertiary backup network is housed in our own secure facility.

InFX Unified Threat Management
Next generation Unified Threat Management firewalls, use N+1 multi-core hardware design with 8 cores and multiple gigabit ethernet interfaces to deliver real-time internal and external network protection without compromising our networks performance. From high-speed intrusion prevention, file & content inspection to an extensive array of advanced networking features InFX can deploy and manage a wide variety of environments.

* High-performance 8-core hardware deep packet inspection firewalls
* Gateway & software brute-force, anti-virus, anti-spyware for perimeter and internal protection
* Multi gigabit per second Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall

Three Layer Service & System Monitoring

Along with standard monitoring we scan all key services running on each server such as email, http, DNS, etc. If a problem is detected we are notified within a few seconds to minutes. Using software installed on our servers we also monitor internal system resources such as disk space usage, server load and suspicious log file entries we even automagically ban hackers and other nasties keeping your data safe.

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