InFX, the company and ethos

Why InFX?

'Think Different' was an old apple advertising slogan. We agree.

Produce the best interface to your information, thus providing the highest possible return on your investment, in the shortest time.


Understand what you are doing and how we can model it online, and get it right.

Many people argue that 'bespoke' software is not as good an investment as the 'party line' or 'packaged software'. Windows in mainstream software and is still not right despite teams of many thousands of programmers around the world.

We have ourselves in a small team written hundreds of thousands of lines of code, in the last few years alone, with a perfect track record to date. Our understanding of the internet and it's 'fabric' are, we'd like to think, at the very forefront of current capabilities on a sensible budget!

We have provided many types of specialist system requirements, bespoke software development and creative design. All our systems are built to provide good natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and conform as required to the various web standards and guidelines. Training, ongoing help and a genuine interest in your project's success are included as standard.

Content or 'the number of pages/products' are not used to cost projects. All costs are related to time taken to set up, install and write new elements to the complete system (additional). We do not have licenses for our software, preferring to charge for set up, support and guidance rather than per seat or PC terminal usage. The copyright of the content will always remain that of the owner(s), the systems and software solution the copyright of InFX Solutions.

Our production and development team is made up of a 'Digital Architect', a 'Marketing Director' an 'Electrical Engineer' and several 'Software Engineers'. We have additional team members who provide us testing, proof reading and reception facilities.

We create and manage from our offices in Hastings (UK) and 'broadcast' from our own network in London.

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