Pay Per Click (PPC)

Q. New website, big launch?

A. Yes! How else is the wider audience going to know about you?

We advise our clients to use ppc for 12 to 16 weeks to run alongside the organic optimisation process. While you're working up the ranks you will get an immediate presence in the areas desired.

Why not just pay per click?

Picture: Pay per click
Businesses are now more than ever using search engines to market their products and services as they realise the abundance of targeted traffic it can provide.
Do you optimise your website to appear in the natural search engine listings, or do you pay to be placed in the sponsor listings?
It does take time to optimise your site and to see your site rise up the natural listings; this is because the different search engines are now becoming more sophisticated to ensure that only those sites that genuinely meet the searcher (googler)requirements are included in the 'natural' results at the top of the listings.

See 'How do Search Engines Work'

Like all advertising, it's a combination of placed adverts, brand awareness and word of mouth.

InFX Solutions help our clients select the most valuable and cost effective key words for them to use in their PPC campaigns, we then monitor to ensure your campaign is running effectively.

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